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Lockwood Broadcast Group's Broadcast Operation Service Solution provides a turn-key means for content delivery and back-office function for television broadcasters who seek a more efficient method for station operation.

All facets, or any combination of station operation components, can be professionally served from Lockwood's Richmond, Virginia Operation Headquarters. Completed in 2007, the "hub" facility has remotely served Lockwood's Charleston, West Virginia and Huntsville, Alabama stations since that year.
The state-of-the-art system employs an IP-based delivery method of HD broadcast, using proprietary ACT-L3™ codec to convey a signal stream with technical accuracy and aesthetic clarity. Lockwood utilizes advanced IP-centric, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based solutions to build its private IP cloud.

Lockwood Broadcast Group's Broadcast Operation Service Solution is a simple, reliable, and affordable service for television broadcasters seeking a better way to operate stations. Contact President Dave Hanna for a personal consultation.