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Lockwood Broadcast Group, an equal opportunity employer, is dedicated to providing broad outreach regarding job vacancies at our station. We seek the help of organizations in referring qualified applicants to our stations.

Organizations that wish to receive our vacancy information should contact our Business and Traffic Manager, Tiffany Humphrey by calling 804.672.6565 extension 1302 or by emailing tiffany@lockwoodbroadcast.com

The stations in the Lockwood Broadcast Group offer wonderful opportunities for a career in broadcasting. For the most up to date vacancies, please see the links below.

Lockwood Broadcast Group
The Valley's CW

Lockwood Broadcast Group actively engages in specific non-vacancy outreach efforts.
One such initiative is the LBG Career Center. Our mission is to assist people in learning about opportunities within the Lockwood Broadcast Group as well as in the broadcasting industry generally.

This service is available to any individual and provides one-on-one consultation.
Please see the attached brochure.

For more information contact:

Tiffany Humphrey,
Business and Traffic Manager,
or at 804.672.6565 extension 1302.